Language Tutor French

Customized Language trainings French in Nijmegen (private courses at home; courses in Radboud in’to Languages or in institutes or in-company):
– Extra coaching lessons and homework support
– Private conversation sessions
– Professional and technical (telephone, negotiations) or holidays
– Support for exams and research study (i.a. Delf)

Translator i.a. Patent translator

Translations from Dutch and English, to French: car motors, technical, thermodynamics, building engineering, electrical apparatuses, mechanics, instruction manuals etc.

Technical support

N. Sladkoff is a French native speaker. She followed the course at the teacher’s education institute in The Netherlands, and in France she obtained a Master of Sciences in Electrical Engineering. Thanks to this broad background and to her experience, she is also able to work on a technical level for both teaching and translating jobs. Other possible commissions are: Maths homework support, freelance in-company customised commissions for communication with French customers (see experience in LinkedIn).